Hosting well over 1,000 floats at Regenerate has been amazing! I have come to appreciate that every float is 100% unique, and directly relates to your frame of mind, at that moment in life. Simply put, no two floats are created equal.

Here is a great example. Lets say, Jonathan (or you) has a float scheduled at 6:00pm on a Friday evening after work. Jonathan can not wait to get some float time in after bumper to bumper traffic and a very long week at the office. What do you think Jonathan is seeking from his float? The answer is, one hundred percent uninterrupted "me time."

During his float, Jonathan thinks about his upcoming vacation in Cancun next month and slowly relaxes his body. Jonathan was so relaxed that he even got a chance to catch up on some much needed rest. He feels rejuvenated and is ready to enjoy his weekend off.

One month later, on a Saturday morning Jonathan is back for his next journey into inner space. However this time Jonathan is in a completely different frame of mind. He just proposed to his fiancee in Cancun and received a promotion at work. Life is great! After his float, Jonathan expressed that he was able to get deeper than ever, and actually experienced visualizations in the pod. 

One person, two completely different experiences. You see, the beauty in floating is that no matter where you are in life, your mind will go where it needs to. So the next time you float, remember that whatever happens, was meant to be.

Happy Floating,

The Float Master