When are we most happy? Witnessing the birth of a child, falling in love, or perhaps the moment in which you have achieved a longterm goal. Chances are that if you take a moment to think about it, something wonderful stands out. No matter what it is, at that moment in time you did something that we often don’t do enough. You were living in the moment. Despite whatever else you had going on in the day, nothing kept you from savoring the joy that was taking place before your eyes.

     Like a puppy dog running all over the yard in the morning. Our thoughts are almost always in a constant state of motion. But what are we actually thinking about? Most likely it has to do with something that already taken place, or an upcoming event in the future. And it only lasts for a moment, because all of a sudden the phone buzzes, or we are distracted by something else and our thoughts are shifted once again. Well then why do we rarely think about the present, when our most precious moments in life are experienced then? 

8.25 seconds. The average attention span in 2015.
— National Center for Biotechnology Information

     So the million dollar question is, how does floating fit in to all of this? It doesn’t. And that is exactly why a session inside a float tank can promote deep states of happiness. For an hour (or more) your mind has nothing to distract it. You are completely at peace with your thoughts. At first they come quickly, and it seems like the mind is traveling at 100 mph. But the beauty of a float tank is that when those random thoughts enter, you are actually able to explore them without losing focus. Slowly but surely those ideas begin to slow down, and we are left with ourselves. This is where the magic begins. 

     Once again we are transported to the present, where we can appreciate the beauty of, the now. The best part about floating, is over time, the ability to slow it down and be in the present becomes even easier. Almost effortless. That stock pile of thoughts that we rarely take the time to rationalize is no more. Floating is beautiful like that.

     There are few things in life that I get more joy out of than seeing the look on a persons face after a float. And every time it happens, I am in the present.

Happy Floating,

The Float Master