Have you ever experienced the feeling of a huge weight being lifted off of your shoulders? Or, even, the feeling of complete relaxation?

In today’s crazy world, the latter is hard to come by; Unless you get caught up in drugs.

Growing up I was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter’s Disease (the inflammation of the ligament connecting the kneecap to the tibia). My mom was told to give me Ibuprofen and that I needed to wear a knee stabilizer in order to alleviate the pain. I cannot tell you how much Ibuprofen I took growing up. 

In high school I fell in love with volleyball, and was forced to wear a large knee brace under my knee pads, just to be able play. By this time, I was now taking Naproxen, a stronger drug that only temporarily helped with the pain and inflammation.

It Got Worse.

All natural float therapy

When I started getting migraines, about two years ago, I was taking the pain pills almost every day, for even the smallest of headaches. The pills stopped helping after a while, and I was prescribed prescription medicine. One of the meds made me so sick, that I had to stop taking it after only two days. I had finally had enough.

I started researching float therapy, and from the stories I read and the people I talked to, it seemed like it could possibly help. I couldn’t wait to give it a try. When I finally did, I found it helped much more than I had expected- Naturally!


Water smile

I’ll be honest, I was skeptic at first, but I got in. The feeling of being completely weightless, to start, was incredible! And, I didn’t even have to try to float!

My knees, at first, felt stiff, and pain went through them. It was the same with my shoulder, which I had overextended during my senior year in volleyball. After a few minutes, though, my pain was completely gone! 

I became very in tune with my body - hearing my heart beat, feeling my breath rushing in and out of my lungs, and even feeling and listening to the food I had eaten (much too recently) be digested. As disturbing as that might sound, I was at peace. I was free from the stresses that had haunted me for so long. My body was able to go through a healing process of it’s own and I started to feel great!

After my float, it was even better. My pain was gone, though it did return a little while later. The world was brighter, and I felt incredible.

When I started floating every week, I noticed that I stopped getting my migraines as often, if even at all. I wasn’t being bogged down by taking the pain pills, either; I rarely needed them.

I would, and do, definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone - whether you suffer from pain or not. I will say, of course, that everyone’s float is unique, so you may find different results. But, for sure, give it a shot! I highly doubt you will regret it.