Doesn’t it seem like everyday there is some new study that touts “blank” as the healthiest thing to do (or not to do) since sliced bread? Eat this, avoid that... we’ve heard it all before. The fascinating part is not the information itself, but how we consciously choose to act upon it. Which is why we all have different viewpoints on what truly is healthy. 

As children we’re all taught "you are what you eat." The food we put into our bodies is what makes our engines go. Obviously it’s not that easy. We have two little things called the mind and body to consider. You know them all to well. They drive us, slow us down, lift our spirits, and most importantly allow us to prosper in life. Healthy is not just what we eat. It’s a state of mind (and body).


Could floating in a tank of water, absent of stimulation somehow help me live a healthier life? You better believe it!

1. Achieve Deep Meditative States

Fact- The moment we wake up and get out of bed, our minds are racing. There is already so much going on, that takes us away from being in the present moment. Thoughts like, "Am I late?" "What should I wear?" "I need to check my email", and so on are constantly going through our minds. The key to letting go is, being in the present. Not the future or the past. This is what the practice of meditation is all about. When the mind is at peace and truly surrenders, a whole new world awaits...

Many regular floaters compare floating to being the training wheels for meditation. Floatation Therapy reduces all external stimulation to the body, which in time slows thoughts down to a halt. Providing you with the peace and tranquility that we all deserve. After a few sessions in the tank, all these random thoughts start to “float away." Just imagine and hour without having to be at the mercy of your cell phone. It’s quite amazing.


2. Alleviate Mental and Physical Stress

Stress is a tough nut to crack sometimes. It has the unique ability to manifest itself, in either the mental or physical realm. Traffic, injuries, deadlines, social pressures, joint pain, bills, and so forth are all forms of this nasty devil. In fact, 8 out of 10 Americans report being stressed at their workplace alone [source: Everest College] Thankfully, floatation therapy is well equipped to defeat this evil nemesis once and for all. 

The water inside a floatation pod is adjusted to match the surface temperature of your skin, 93.5 degrees. Dissolving the perception of where the body ends and the water begins. Being one with the water provides a very open and stress reducing experience. Imagine the sensation of weightlessness while floating on a cloud or drifting away in the openness of outer space. Very relaxing, indeed. So much, that the benefits can last for days.  

A near zero gravity effect is experienced as well (3 times the levels in the dead sea). This presents an opportunity for the entire body to relieve the forces of gravity that are constantly weighing us down. Increased blood flow, joint relief, back and postural alignment all begin to take place. The body has a chance to regenerate and recover beyond compare.


3. Naturally Increase Magnesium Levels.

Did you know that two out of every three Americans are magnesium deficient? Fatigue, headaches, and arthritis are just a few symptoms that stem from magnesium deficiency. Epsom salt, is quite possibly the best way that your body can absorb this valuable mineral. Humans have utilized the healing properties of epsom salt for centuries to heal and nourish their bodies.

The water that keeps you afloat is super saturated with this age old remedy. There is approximately 1,000 pounds of salty magic inside of a float tank. What is the best way to absorb magnesium? Directly through the skin. And that, is exactly what happens while you float.


4. Rest

8 hours of sleep. That is what we all are supposed to get in order to perform optimally. But how often does it actually happen? We try and try but sometimes there is just so much on our minds that it could take hours to slow those thoughts down. 

Brain activity can be measured in frequencies. It’s actually quite simple, the more active, the higher the frequency/state and vice versa. Most people operate in the beta state (12-40 hz) during the day. Theta brain waves (4-7hz) are produced during deep relaxation and right before rest. The challenge is, unless we’re completely at peace it's not always so easy to reach this state. The great thing about floating is that we are almost forced to lower our brain frequency during the experience. Which is why it’s estimated that just 1 hour of float time is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep rest. Additionally, being exposed to such a restful state for extended periods of time, can naturally carry over into our overall sleep routine as well. With less on the mind, we are finally able to receive the much needed rest that we all deserve.


5. Detoxification & Immunity

Detoxification is basically your bodies natural cleansing system. Air quality, chemicals in food, and even the water we drink can hinder this process from working like it should. The sulfate found in epsom salt increases the number of digestive enzymes inside your pancreas and strengthens the walls in the digestive track, which will help detoxify the body. Sulfate is difficult to digest while eating, however it is more readily consumed through floatation.

While floating, stress levels are at an all time low and the body is empowered to begin focusing it's efforts on rejuvenation. Endorphins, are natural pain killers that the brain produces while relaxed. They attack the defective cells which hinder our immune system. All natural, with no drugs needed.

Within each of us lies a beauty that has no limits. Our mind and bodies are capable of anything. Which is why living an overall healthy lifestyle is of huge importance. It may very well be just a float away.

Happy Floating,

The Float Master