Less. Is More.

Meditating in deep thought

When was the last time that your mind was completely still? Not endlessly chattering about what is coming up around the corner, or constantly contemplating events that occurred in the past, but truly present and living in the only place that life truly unfolds. In the NOW.

It's time break free from the ideology that our thoughts define who we are. Because in all actuality they are simply a manifestation of what is seen in the world of form and physical reality. What if there was another layer, much deeper, that gave you the chance to see the world and more importantly you, in a whole new light? The opportunity to drastically improve your life, health, and existence is not far away. It fact it may be right inside of you without you even knowing it. Ask yourself one simple question.

"Who is actually observing all these thoughts that enter in my head?" The answer may change your life forever. 


A whole new vibrant and healthy existence is just waiting to be discovered. The best part, is that we all have the ability to tap into this realm, with some practice. 

Let us show you how.


Floatation Meditation

Learn how to meditate before your float.

Take Floating to the next level. 

Imagine being guided, one on one and in person, by a highly experienced meditator before entering into your float tank journey. Having the proper mindset and a calm mind can accelerate ones ability to enter into new realms. This meditation is focused on developing a greater awareness through floating. This is your chance to explore the deepest states of consciousness and gain a greater understanding for who you truly are.

  • By Appointment Only
  • $50 per session + float
  • Arrive 60 min. prior to float time

To Schedule, please fill out the form below, or call (301) 992-4249

MUSE Meditation

A fun and rewarding way to experience meditation.

MUSE is a state of the the art brain sensing headband. Via the power of sensors and bluetooth, MUSE teaches, challenges, and rewards you to get better at meditating. In real time, MUSE will provide you with bio feedback and seamlessly track your brain waves during a guided meditation. Are you ready to MUSE?

  • MUSE is available to any guests prior to (arrive early), or after their float
  • $20 per session + float

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditate with a community.

Participate in a four week workshop or take part in a monthly guided meditation circle with others. No chanting, or fixed poses here. This is a very relaxed and open environment, for all levels. Help lower stress, manage distractions and live a more peaceful existence. Classes are hosted by James Magee (co-owner of Regenerate). An active meditator for many years, and a student of life, James will teach you valuable techniques to begin developing a more mindful state of living. 

  • By donation only and all proceeds are donated to local charity
  • RSVP the next monthly class 

Sign up for a four week workshop below